Our Story

Bath Therapy is a one-stop-shop for all your bath time needs! We focus on creating the best and brightest products that speak to every mood and moment. Need to wind down after a long day? Looking to re-energize? Fancy a detox? We’ve crafted the perfect bath for you!

Our story starts with a genuine love and appreciation for the bath. Where else can you wash away the day and achieve blissful relaxation without breaking the bank?

Being avid bathers with previous industry experience, we have tried all the bath bombs on the market. To our dismay, there was something missing from each and every one. Some lacked the alluring fragrance and beneficial ingredients, others simply didn’t perform well. Can’t a bath bomb have it all?

That’s where we come in. In our quest for perfection, we have spent countless hours researching and developing a bath bomb that checks all the boxes.  

Where we are waves above other industry leaders is in our commitment to the R+D process, ensuring time is spent perfecting every element of the bath experience. With our team of scientists, world leading perfumers and bath enthusiasts, we saw the opportunity to create a better bath, and we did.